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Support The Toy Museum of NY's newest invention based educational programming!

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Help build our national campaign encouraging kids to build new skills through invention-based programming.

The Program

Help support the launch of The Toy Museum of NY's newest program- The Toy Inventors Club! Your funds will help us reach our goal of building a global community where inventors of all ages can build their skills in creativity, improvisation, play, and entrepreneurship.

The club will offer both in person and virtual invention challenges available for schools and children all over the world, along with downloadable projects, worksheets, school challenges, club stickers, certificates, accompanying lesson plans, and branded merchandise. Your contributions will help with the development, implementation and distribution of the Toy Inventors Club to children everywhere, and will help our team bring invention-based learning to students across the globe.

The Impact

Since creativity is at the root of problem solving and innovation drives economic growth, the skills built while inventing are essential to building a better world. Just like scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and performers, inventors are critical thinkers and problem solvers. There is a growing need to ensure that young people of all backgrounds are provided with opportunities to create their own solutions by thinking critically and flexing their creative muscles, and many traditional educational settings can benefit from the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship into their curriculum.

Through our invention programming, students will productively struggle and explore trial and error, which is authentic, hands-on and meaningful learning. All content is cross curricular and correlated to National standards.

Our program extends the goals of a typical STEAM-based education by asking the student to expand upon our creative toy and game invention templates, justify what they’ve created, build skills in science and the arts, and develop their unique voice. We provide the next generation of inventors with the life skills they need to overcome barriers, believe in new possibilities, and turn ideas into action. Before we know it, they will be important decision makers!

The Community Building Goals + Program Development

Help support our efforts in growing our unique educational resources by starting your own fundraiser. By sharing our efforts with your community, you can help us find like-minded inventors, educators, parents, and kids that can help us reach our goals and join in on the fun!

Funding will help our team with the development and technological elements of our program including our digital platform where we provide all templates, challenges, national standards alignments, and cross curricular lesson plans with our global community.

We'll give you all the tools you'll need to make a difference. With your help we can ensure implement invention-based lesson plans in classrooms across the globe.

Thank you for your support! With your fundraising efforts and support, we hope to launch our programming in 2023! Happy inventing :)

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