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Support Invention Education with the Toy Museum of NY! image

Support Invention Education with the Toy Museum of NY!

Funds will help develop our new educational program :)


$10 towards $500

Welcome to the Toy Inventors Club!

We are raising funds to support the development of the Toy Museum of NY’s newest educational program focused on the importance of invention. It’s the only club of its kind!

What is the Toy Inventors Club?

The Toy Inventors Club was founded with the goal of building a global community where kids of all ages can build their invention skills in creativity, improvisation, play, and entrepreneurship.

Membership includes in-person or live invention workshops, toy inventor lead programming, interactive virtual content, school challenges, downloadable club stickers, certificate of membership and an official membership card, plus exclusive merchandise.

The Impact

Since creativity is at the root of problem solving and innovation drives economic growth, the skills built while inventing are essential to building a better world. There is a growing need to ensure that young people of all backgrounds are provided with opportunities to create their own solutions by thinking critically and flexing their creative muscles, as not all educational curricula emphasize the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship. By practicing quick thinking, building leadership skills and flexing their creative muscles, we provide an opportunity to learn important life skills through the power of invention.

Our program extends the goals of a typical STEAM-based education by asking the student to identify the problem that they feel passionately about solving, justify what they’ve created, build skills in science and the arts, and build their unique voice. We provide the next generation of inventors with the tools they need to overcome barriers, believe in new possibilities, and turn ideas into action. Before we know it, they will be important decision makers!

What We Need and What You Get

Help support our efforts in growing our unique educational resources. Funding will help our team with the development and technological elements of our program, and will contribute to the implementation of invention-based lesson plans in classrooms everywhere.